Emily Carr

I try to connect myself to the land as much as I can throughout work, play and eat. A quote from the Emily Carr exhibit currently up at the AGO expresses this in a beautiful way with a touch from the creative side. Allow the land to permeate every aspect of your life.

“There is nothing so strong as growing. Nothing can drown that force that splits rocks and pavement and spreads over fields… Life is in the soil. Touch it with air and light and it bursts forth like a struck match.” – E. Carr



Just an after thought in light of the Edge series, which is up at the Pumphouse Arts centre in Niagara on the Lake until the 28th of this month. A horizon, whether clean and uninterrupted or cluttered and broken is a form of Edge. This is where the sky and land meet or is it what divides them? Why?