Artist’s Bio

Artist’s Bio

Landscape inspired painter, Daniel Pigeon is driven to create by the unashamed pleasure taken in the act of painting and profound personal experiences produced within the land. Having lived in the Niagara region from a young age, and as a teen and young adult working as stable boy and farm hand have all been profound experiences of fresh air and hard labor which shaped him and his work. He later set off to the scenic town of North Bay to complete his BFA at Nipissing University. He has since been exhibiting and selling his work regularly since 2010 across Ontario.

Artist’s Statement

The vast majority of my work is inspired by agriculture and my personal experiences within an agrarian landscape. My works are an exploration of physical space and materials through the themes of void, identity and impermanence. They are products of profound appreciation for this type of landscape.

The physical and atmospheric qualities of agrarian landscapes are the primary and emotive drives behind my work. Every little detail is crucial to me within these experiences, from the dew on vegetation to the lack of moisture in the soil and the aging of fences and machinery. I perceive my abstracted works as fusions of details.

I feel it unnecessary to recreate a specific landscape, even though the physical and emotional experience within a landscape is my inspiration. My only goal is to create a disconnect from daily life or void where ones thoughts can exist in order to experience a state of clarity. The land is but one form of expression of these experiences.

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2 thoughts on “Artist’s Bio

  1. Hi Dan…a student of mine just sent me a link to your website because she knew I had a horse. She met you at an art show she used to run. I am very impressed with the way that your art has developed! Your horse paintings are hauntingly beautiful. I wish Phoenix had made it into one of them…

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